ASG creates scholarships in honor of Adolfo and Mary-Jane Corral

Elias Loefgren, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government discussed renaming a building on campus and creating two scholarships to honor the memory of Adolfo and Mary-Jane Corral during its Friday meeting.

The senate decided to create the scholarships after a suggestion by City College student Agnes Guerry.

Additionally, while the senate has no control over renaming buildings, it can provide a recommendation to the administration.

“I think it would be appropriate to honor someone that’s been working with students day in and day out,” said Vice President of Operations and Finance Ezekiel Contreras Forrest.

The senate is yet to decide the details and criteria for how the scholarships will be rewarded but is looking to give $2,000 per scholarship to the recipients.

The senators discussed dedicating one of the scholarships to students in the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and the Disability Services and Programs for Students departments. 

The other scholarship would focus on students engaging in community service.

The senate has a $5,000 fund for scholarships this year, and this scholarship would be the first the senate has rewarded.

“We haven’t touched the scholarship fund all year,” said Contreras Forrest.

The $5,000 could change for upcoming semesters however, depending on how the financial department decides to allocate its resources.

“Let’s focus on what we can do for now and then provide a suggestion for ASG boards to come,” said Contreras Forrest.

The senate also unanimously appointed Alex Morris for the new position of Commissioner of Accessibility.

“The goal is to bridge the academic and student life for disabled and neurodivergent students,” Morris said.

Morris said they hope this new position will be carried on through future senators.

“I would like to be a wall of knowledge,” Morris said about their appointment.

The senate will reconvene at its next meeting on Feb. 28.