Students gain new experiences with SBCC Study Abroad program

Michael Narciso, Staff Writer

The City College Study Abroad program offers students opportunities to explore different cultures and gain real world experiences while simultaneously taking courses such as communications, English or art history. 

Studying abroad is a great booster for your resume and cover letter and therefore a student’s employability,” said Nicole Walther, the Study Abroad senior program assistant. 

Many students who participated in the program said spending time away from their homes helped improve their confidence and taught them to be independent.

“The study abroad program taught me that I can handle the world on my own,” said City College student Daniella Espinoza. “Especially in Bolivia when I was forced to use a language that I wasn’t confident in.”

According to the American Institute for Foreign Study Study Abroad program, fewer than 10% of U.S. college students are studying abroad.

Money seems to be the barrier preventing students from studying abroad, but there are many resources that can help solve that. 

The Gilman Scholarship offers financial assistance to community college students who have limited experience in studying abroad. It can provide up to $5,000 a year to any U.S. citizen undergraduates who are also in good academic standing

“Just do it, if you don’t apply you have no chance at winning,” said Paula Messina, coordinator at the American Institute for Foreign Study. “It is the largest study abroad scholarship out there.