Senate meets with new president, approves accessibility position

Elias Loefgren, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government welcomed Superintendent-President Utpal Goswami and officially approved the new Accessibility Advocate officer position during its meeting on Friday.

Goswami formally introduced himself to the senate and offered members the chance to ask him questions about his vision for the future of City College.

“To me, the institution belongs to the students,” Goswami said.

Student Trustee Kenny Igbechi asked Goswami about the trouble with canceled classes and how the college looks to improve that issue in the future.

“The long-term goal is to ensure whether we can guarantee it two years forward,” he said.

Goswami also talked about how it is harder to predict enrollment at a city college compared to a university with the same trending majors.

Many students don’t declare what classes they’re going to take, leading to trouble predicting what majors are going to be popular compared to previous years, said Goswami.

Despite that, he is hoping to decrease the number of canceled classes.

“If we have to cancel classes, I’d rather cancel classes early,” Goswami said.

In addition to Goswami’s visit, the senate officially approved the new accessibility advocate officer position.

One of the candidates for the position is Alex Morris, who started the motion to create the position back in November.

The accessibility advocate officer’s objectives would be to help the senate understand student accessibility, while also working to ensure that all events put on by the senate are accessible and inclusive to all students. 

They would also need to work with the school’s Disability Services and Programs for Students Department.

Morris has yet to be appointed but is looking forward to making sure all students feel heard.

“I think disabled and neurodivergent students need a voice and deserve a voice,” Morris said.

The senate will reconvene at its next meeting Friday, Feb. 7.