Senate loses two ‘crucial’ officers, reopens applications to fill spots

Elias Loefgren, Staff Writer

The Associated Student Government decided the objectives of the new commissioner of accessibility position and discussed filling two vacant seats on the senate during its meeting on Friday.

Former Vice President of Internal Affairs Kenyon Newhouse was taken off the senate after he neglected his duties to maintain the accountability log. Commissioner of Events Nina Vukcevic resigned.

Due to the loss of two officers and the appointing of a new one, the senate decided to reopen the applications for officers. 

Senate President Alexandra Montes De Oca said it was crucial to fill the spots left open by Newhouse and Vukcevic. 

The senate set up the objectives for the commissioner of accessibility, one of them involving working with the school’s Disabled Services and Programs for Students department to be knowledgeable and updated on disabled students’ needs.

The senate also provided an update on the requirements of the officer stipend, making low-income international officers that are approved by the international student office eligible for a stipend of up to $1,125.

During the reports section of the meeting, De Oca reported from her participation in the College Planning Council that the council is considering removing one of the summer sessions completely. 

“It has to do with how we are being funded,” De Oca said.

Vice President of Operations and Finance Ezekiel Contreras Forrest expressed disapproval at removing one of the sessions. 

“There’s a lot of students that come here in the summer to get their AA in order to transfer,” he said.

The senate’s next meeting will take place next Friday, Jan. 31.