SBCC Foundation provides financial assistance to disaster-affected college members

David Sjostedt, Channels Staff

Although the disasters and storms have passed, the SBCC Foundation continues to provide assistance to members of City College affected by them.  

“We’re ready to respond long-term because we know that this will very likely continue for a few years,” said Geoff Green, CEO of the SBCC Foundation. “Most ecologists are telling us it’s a three- to five-years recovery time.”  

The foundation spent a total of $25,353 on about 113 staff and students through emergency grants and transportation tickets.

“Just call me if you have an unusual situation and we’ll see if we can help,” Green said. 

In addition to funding projects like the Bucket Brigade, Green says that the foundation is there to respond to need.  

“That’s how I’ve always felt we should operate,” he said. “There was a student who lost her apartment in a fire in Isla Vista about a month ago and so we had to help them. In my opinion it’s our obligation to take these resources and make them as useful as possible.”  

In this spirit, the foundation has supplied $500 grants, ferry tickets and even the reimbursement of people who drove the long way around the mountain when Highway 1 was closed.   

The foundation has managed to help 113 people who have made requests, and it is still offering to financially assist people affected by the aftermath of the disasters.