Cost of SBCC feminine product dispensers drops significantly



Matthew Esguerra, vice president of external affairs, relayed some good news to the Associated Student Government this morning: the feminine hygiene product dispenser will only cost $1,500.

This price, opposed to the $8,000 the group thought they were going to have to spend, came as a relief to the table of officers, and especially to those on the financial committee.

Commissioner of Academics Christian Walk proposed that the group could buy more utilities with the extra money they have.

Esguerra and Isla Vista Representative Josh Oken opposed the proposal from Walk.

“I’m just a little skeptical to be throwing money at things,” Oken said. “If the person who is requesting $2,000 just says ‘hey, how about $4,000?’ no. He’s the expert on this right now, he wants a lower amount, I don’t understand why we would want to give more.”

Student Trustee David Panbehchi moved to make Esguerra’s plan to contingent upon collaboration with the equity committee.

Oken spoke up again about this matter.

“No, this is debilitating to [Esguerra], be now he has to work with them, and they don’t want to, the project is shut down,” Oken said.

The group voted for the proposal 8-2 with the exception of both Nicholas Currie and Cristian Walk who voted against the proposal on the grounds that they wanted more funding.

In other news, the group voted for two new marketing commissioners. After the resignation of Eric Hintz, and the fact that the student government had not voted on one of the marketing commissioner slots for concerns with the candidate’s experience, the group has been operating without this position filled. The group decided to appoint both political science major Mari Carroll and first-year Catalina Ferguson to the posts.

Editor’s note: This story was published over a week late because of editing miscommunications.