Student Senate to propose $5 student fee on next week’s ballot


JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

The Student Government approved a $5 general activity fee to be put on the upcoming student-wide voting ballot.

At their meeting last Friday, the officers decided to potentially have an increased student fee with a cap at $5. They then held a town hall meeting Wednesday to discuss what the fee could potentially do for students if it were increased. They also asked the students what they would feel most comfortable with in terms of how much it should be.

After taking written votes from students, the average was $4.50.

At this Friday’s meeting, there were lasting debates between officers on how the final fee will be chosen.

Some officers preferred the idea of putting all the fee values on the ballot so students can have more options.

“We should give all students an option to choose what fee they want rather than us just sitting in this room and deciding one for them,” said David Panbehchi, commissioner of events.

Others argued that a week of getting student input and seeing the results from the town hall was enough to gauge an average for what the fee should be. They also argued that the ballot would appear easier for students to understand if a fee was chosen, and a “yes” or “no” option was given below.

“Picking an amount and allowing students to choose whether or not they like [the fee] is still giving them an option,” said Maggie Hodgins, commissioner of clubs.

In the end, the officers voted to approve a $5 fee for the ballot, with a “yes” or “no” option. Officers are also required to go out and let the students know what the fee is for, and how it can benefit City College.