SBCC health services seeks support in raising health fee


JULIA PIZZA, News Editor

City College’s Health Services department asked the student government Friday for its support in proposing to raise the student health fee.

“We are funded by the student health fee,” said Laura Fariss, director of health services. “We are the only program on campus that is fully funded by a fee.”

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office sets the cap on the fee. Fariss hopes to raise the fee to its maximum.

The current student health fee is $14 for summer session and $19 for both fall and spring semesters per student.

The proposal is to raise the fee to $17 for summer and $20 for fall and spring.

According to statistics ran by Fariss, nurse practitioner Brenda Scherlis saw 1,484 students by individual appointment in 2016. Additionally, 1,989 students were seen for personal counseling.  

“We see four times as many students as surrounding city colleges,” Fariss said.

Due to the recent enrollment drop, health services lost a substantial amount of funding for their department.

Enrollment dropped by 1,600 students since fall, which equals roughly a $30,400 decrease in student health funding.

The student government will vote at its meeting next Friday whether it will support the proposal.

The proposal will be discussed with the College Planning Council and the Board of Trustees before it can be approved, Fariss said.