Academic Senate approves spring 2015 finals schedule


The Academic Senate voted to approve the final exam schedule of Spring 2015 on Wednesday, Sept. 24.

This decision aims to remedy problems revolving length reduction of final block passing periods, which are now clipped to 15-minutes. This also ties into instructors’ 48-hour deadline for grade submissions.

“I do want to tell you that this will make it better–not all conflicts are taken care of– this is a Band-Aid,” declared Kimberly Monda, Academic Senate President.

Academic Senate members previously raised concern regarding the impact that this will have on the constitution of educators. The quality of the grading process and tests are hypothesized to potentially suffer as these deadlines may create a demand for efficiency.  It is feared that instructors may turn to replacing written and partial credit exams with multiple-choice Scantron tests as a solution.

The proposed schedule will supposedly eliminate a majority of these conflicts.

“There’s still going to be manual interventions… there’s still a conflict I saw with hybrid classes,” explained Monda.

Questions involving the process by which teachers are informed when facing scheduling slip-ups were answered with a snappy reply from Monda claiming, “We do the same thing we always do–figure it out.”