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Student leaves computer logged in, threatened with blackmail


May 14

A week before finals, a student was asked by his instructor to leave the classroom after repeatedly tossing a football. When the instructor asked him to stop, the student became irritated and started to bang on the desk.

The student stated to Campus Security that the teacher had told him that if he tossed the football again, the teacher would shove it down his throat.

The student wrote a statement regarding what the teacher had said to him and tried to have the other students in the class to sign the paper as witnesses. Campus Security met with the student and told him to leave camps for the rest of the day. He was told not to contact his instructor but the instructor stated that it was okay for the student to return and take the final as long as he would not cause more trouble.

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May 20

A male student harassed a female student by sending her emails and asking her out on a date. The female stated that she would see him in the Luria Library and that he would sit down next to her. She made a complaint to a staff person who confronted the male student and told him to stop his behavior. The female student later received another email from him where he made vulgar comments about her appearance.


May 21

A student received an email from an unidentified person that contained explicit pictures of her. The person stated that she had two options to prevent him from sharing the pictures with the public—either sleep with him or pay him. The student was able to reference this back to a previous incident in February when she had received another email stating that she should log out of her email next time “you have interesting pictures.”


In February, the student was in the Luria Library the same day that she had received the first email. She believes that she forgot to log off the computer and that someone accessed her email and found her private pictures. The police investigated the incident.


July 7

Campus Security was alerted by the fire alarm regarding a fire in the men’s restroom on the second floor of the Physical Education Building. They found a large amount of smoke and the fire department was contacted immediately. Their investigation revealed that a person had intentionally started the fire by igniting the toilet seat covers. The covers torched up and the smoke went into the ventilation system. No one was harmed from the fire and an arson investigation was opened up. Two student suspects where cleared after an interview and no more suspects have been found.


June 12

The Santa Barbara Police Department responded to a call regarding a large male who deliberately bumped in to pregnant woman on the stairs of La Playa Stadium. He was not a student at City College and refused to speak English to police. The woman was exercising when he was coming down the stairs toward her. Witnesses where concerned about his aggressive behavior when he pushed the woman. The man was not charged.


June 12

A student was contacted by SBPD regarding a sexual battery offense of a female off-campus. She stated that the student had grabbed her buttocks while she was putting items away in her car. The officers found him based on the description from the victim. The student confessed that he had assaulted her and while the police where talking to him when they saw a gun in his waistband. It was discovered to be a BB gun for which he cannot be charged. The police also found a bag of pills for penis enlargement and marijuana with a medical marijuana license. The student was enrolled for the summer session but dropped his classes immediately after the incident.


June 20

A student went down a dirt path by the cement staircase on East Campus to smoke a cigarette when bees surrounded him. He sat next to an oak three when he noticed the hive. He called Campus Security that alarmed the fire department to help the student to crawl away from the tree. He managed to do so without being stung and left the scene unharmed. Bee experts later confirmed that the bees were European and not aggressive. It was a well-established hive and the area is now marked with yellow tape.


July 29

A former student was upset and made suicidal threats after he noticed he was unable to enroll for the fall semester because of academic disqualification. During a conversation he had with a campus department, he stated that he had felt like he was going to slit his wrist. Campus Security called the Sheriff’s department and asked them to do a welfare check—an interview in his home, to see if he was suicidal. Campus Security received information from the Sheriff’s department after the welfare check stated that he’s not a risk to himself or others.


August 29

A student was leaving West Campus in her vehicle when she hit a young girl riding her bicycle. The minor was riding on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the street. The student stated that she couldn’t see the bike while exiting the parking lot. The minor left the scene with only a sprained ankle.


September 3

A student was entering campus on his skateboard when he hit the gate arm by the East Campus kiosk and broke it off. Campus Security was able to reattach the arm and the student left the scene unharmed.


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