SBCC dishes out thousands for parking solutions with no results

RYAN JOEL, News Editor

Down $32,000 and still no solution in sight, ideas such as a park-and-bike program, rental car vouchers and everything in between are up for debate as City College looks to eliminate its parking problem.

Despite the Transportation Alternatives Group’s summer hiatus, members of the group will be working towards narrowing down a list developed by transportation consultants Fehr & Peers.

According to Vice President of Business Services, Joe Sullivan, the consultants were hired by City College last summer and will continue to work with the school in developing a transportation development management plan next fall.

After the idea for increased parking permit fees proved to be in violation of the California Educational Code, Fehr & Peers presented a list of 45 ideas currently being utilized by colleges throughout the nation at the group’s final meeting of the semester.

The problem with the list is that four-year institutions, many of which are out of state, have implemented a lot of these solutions.

California Community Colleges abide by their own codes that disallow the price of transportation at a school to exceed $70.

Not to mention a plethora of other transportation restrictions that Community Colleges must obey.

“For that kind of money, I think the school should be worrying about more pertinent issues on campus,” said City College student Sara Johnson. “Especially if it seems like nothing’s getting done.”

Although many of the list’s ideas can’t directly be applied to City College, they will serve as a solid backbone for the group to work off of in the fall.

As mentioned by Sullivan at the groups final spring meeting, a full-time Transportation Coordinator position could be the only solution to City College’s parking problem.