29th Annual Public Speaking Showcase comes to City College

LEX JOERGENSEN, Channels Staff

Controversy has always surrounded the subject of beauty. Five City College student public speaking finalists will challenge each other with opposing arguments on the topic.

The community is invited to come and watch the speeches in the 29th Annual Louise Lancaster Public Speaking Showcase hosted by The Department of Communication, Friday, April 25 in the Fé Bland Forum at West Campus.

“It is a very broad topic that applies to anyone,” said Communication Professor Cameron Sublett.

Sublett said that students should be interested in attending the showcase because it is a good way to spend a Friday night and they might get inspired and learn something while listening to the speeches of their fellow peers on stage.

The judges will use an evaluation form to determine the winners.

United Bank is sponsoring the reward money. First place will receive $700, second place will get $500, and third place will be awarded $300 while fourth and fifth place will both go home with $100.

The students in the final were chosen from the three communication classes and the best two in each class were picked to be in the semifinal. From there, the five best were sent on to compete in the tournament final.

One of the finalists, Wilhelmina Norton, a 22-year-old Communication Major, said that’s she was surprised when was nominated by her peers.

“I am excited about being in the final,” Norton said. “Even though I might not win first place, it will be have been a great experience.”

Those interested in attending are advised to arrive early because seating is limited.