City College recognized for emergency preparedness



City College has been given a $10,000 check and an award for developing a master plan for dealing with emergencies.

In the Board of Trustees meeting on March 13, Superintendent-President Lori Gaskin presented the award given by the Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs.

“This is a real tribute to Joe [Sullivan] and his staff, most notably Rob Morales,” said Gaskin.

Sullivan, vice president of business services, and Morales, director of administrative services and emergency response, have been working on City College’s Emergency Preparedness plan since Gaskin’s push for the idea in 2012.

City College belongs to the California insurance agency and was given the award for being “effective at managing our risks and keeping experiences low in terms of liability issues,” Gaskin said.

Sullivan and Morales were key members in putting together the “Emergency Red Binder and Operations Plan.” This is an online document that has been shared with the President’s Cabinet containing plans for evacuation, phone trees, emergency notification systems, etc.

Sullivan presented an overview of the “Red Binder” to the Board.

“Our number one goal is the protection of life,” he said.