SBCC to lose $195,000 after losing Reality church contract

Hannah Smith, News Editor

Reality Church no longer holds their services in La Playa Stadium causing City College to lose $195,000 in revenue this school year.

For the past two years Reality church has been paying rent to use the stadium every Sunday morning. As of May 2013, the church moved their services to the theater at Santa Barbara High School.

During the Sept. 12 Board of Trustees meeting, Joe Sullivan, vice president of business services, presented the 2013-2014 adopted budget. He explained that there will be a reduction in the general fund of nearly $200,000 because of the church.

“That’s a lot of money that we are losing that could be going to a good cause,” said Levi Palencia, student trustee.

This rent money was used help fund sports programs and maintenance on the stadium.

Started in 2003, this multi-site church has locations in Carpinteria, Ventura and Santa Barbara.

The church wanted to find a more intimate and cost effective venue to worship in.

“While we will no longer be meeting at SBCC,” said Reality in a press release on April 27, “we trust our help thus far and future investments at the college will benefit both the SBCC and larger Santa Barbara community.”