“Show Us Your Love” campaign greatly surpasses fundraiser goal

Emerson Malone, Associate Editor

The Foundation has surpassed its goal and raised more than $1.05 million for the “Show Us Your Love” Campaign for Student Success.

Vanessa Patterson, the Foundation’s executive director, emphasized that the campaign would not have been successful without the volunteer support.

“There were literally hundreds of students making calls,” said Vanessa Patterson, executive director of the Foundation. “Seeing the level of community support is remarkable. … I just have to say the thing that pushed us over the edge – the strongest factor – was the engagement and support from the students.”

The Foundation for Santa Barbara City College is an organization that endorses the school through funding of programs and scholarships. The six-week campaign, with the goal of raising $1 million for the campus, began on Friday, March 15.

“We’ve had kick-off events before but they’ve been smaller, maybe with a hundred people. This year we had nearly a thousand people show up for the kick-off,” said Gretchen Hewlett, major gifts officer and planned giving specialist for the Foundation.

Six weeks later, the Foundation surpassed its goal on May 1.

“We don’t have a final tally on the amount,” Hewlett said. “The day the campaign ended, it was $1.1 million. It may go beyond that.”

Some donors specified their money go a particular City College program, most of the funds go toward the list of necessities supplied by the college to the Foundation. The campaign’s earnings will support students through the Running Start program, the MESA program, book grants, scholarships, childcare and tutoring.

The money was gathered through a number of efforts led by almost 500 volunteers. Donations were asked through phone banking, “Large Asks,” which requested donations between $5,000 and $100,000, and a website called “Friends Asking Friends,” in which people contact family and friends through email and ask them to donate over the Internet.

“We went to corporations. We went to foundations. We went to individuals. It was a really broad-based community effort,” Hewlett said.

Donations can be made at The Foundation’s website at sbccfoundation.org, or the “Show Us Your Love” campaign’s official site at showusyourlove.org.