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City College instructor throws ‘sweet and sticky’ book launch

Popular Santa Barbara Independent columnist, author and City College instructor Starshine Roshell is used to explaining her story.

“I like having a unique name. People remember me—for better or for worse, but more good has come of it than bad,” Roshell said.

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Roshell will celebrate the launch of her second book entitled, “Wife on the Edge” with an ice cream social. The book, she said, compiles columns that possess “equal doses of snark” to her first, “Keep Your Skirt On.”

“I chose the name because since two years ago the economy has changed, and now we’re all on the edge,” Roshell said.

Despite her unique name, Roshell is better known for her sassy, and sometimes controversial, columns.

“I had a death threat once, ” she said. “…over a column entitled ‘An Ode to Target.’ A lot of people get angry. I’m almost always civil in response.”

Roshell, who teaches non-fiction creative writing at City College, travel writing at UCSB, and workshops for students at the UCSB Daily Nexus, regularly receives plentiful amounts of what could be called ‘religious sympathy.’

“Most [comments] are nice—mostly people worried about my soul. I get people inviting me to church more often than I’m comfortable with.”

Advertising Director of the Independent, Jen Malkin, said she’s excited to celebrate Roshell’s success.

“She’s one of our own and we’re incredibly proud to have her on our team,” Malkin said.

Giggle inducing, gasp eliciting and, in some cases, angering as her work may be, Roshell was voted “Best Columnist” in the Indy’s “Best Of” edition.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all,” she said. “I’ve been a columnist for eight years and it was really cool for me to nab that. [Indy Executive Editor] Nick Welsh is a personal hero of mine, so it feels almost silly for me to win the award while he’s writing.”

Roshell’s first book was celebrated with a cupcake party, which makes her upcoming ice cream book launch a sweet-snack themed event.

Besides from the star shaped shortbread cookies, close friend Rori Trovato of Rori’s Artisanal Creamery will be providing “Cosmo Cocktail” – a homemade organic ice cream created exclusively for the launch.

Rori’s ice creams also have great relevance in Roshell’s career. “They fuel many a midnight column session, so it seemed like a good fit,” Roshell said.

Mayor Helene Schneider will be on hand to introduce Roshell, and KEYT’s Paula Lopez and KTYD’s Julie Ramos will read excerpts from “Wife on the Edge.”

Roshell said her main goal in writing is to entertain, but she is especially proud of the piece if she can “enlighten or challenge along the way.”

According to Malkin, Roshell has achieved these goals so well in part due to her ability to appeal to several demographics.

“Moms, families, men—she has an edge but she’s down to earth and keeps things relevant,” Malkin said. “And she does a fantastic job.” 

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