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SB Grocery Run: Shopping for others during a pandemic

During times of crisis, Patricia Guerrera believes it is her duty to help those who cannot help themselves. 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent shelter-in-place order, Guerrera has spent her days delivering groceries to people who are unable to leave their homes. 

“I think about people and taking care of their needs,” said Guerrera. “I want my mom safe and being elderly, she can get very sick. I know there are more like my mom.”

Gurrerea is the owner of Tru Beauty Lash, Makeup and Wax Bar, but after all nonessential businesses were closed she needed to supplement her income.  

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“One of my friends actually asked me to go grocery shopping for them,” said Guerrera, which gave her the idea for the business.  

Guerrera created SB Grocery Run to aid the elderly, people with compromised immune systems and anyone else in need of assistance, and she said she shops for about four or five people a day. 

Guerrera said she has delivered formula to a nursing mother and groceries to a 91-year-old woman completely out of food.

Guerrera has become accustomed to her mother warning her to “be careful,” whenever she leaves. Although she is worried about getting sick, Guerrera said the help she is able to provide to people outweighs the risks. 

Despite her intentions, she has received criticisms, such as people accusing her of hoarding food when they see her at the store several times a day.

 “People don’t realize what I am doing,” Guerrera said. 

She now wears an SB Grocery Run t-shirt so people know she is working. 

Guerrera quickly upgraded from a Facebook page to a full website for her services, with prices and contact information. 

She handles all the orders directly through her personal phone and email, and recently hired two workers to assist her. 

“I think it’s important to show support daily… especially during a crisis,” Guerrera said. “I want to help others feel they have love and support and that they will get through it.” 

With her hand sanitizer sitting in the car, gloves on her hands, and mask over her mouth and nose, Guerrera says that she will continue to navigate the grocery stores for others in need.

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