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A Year Without War fundraiser to feature local band at SoHo club

City College’s A Year Without War organization is hosting a fundraising event on Thursday night to progress toward its goal of making 2020 a year of international ceasefire.

The organization’s event called “Music Against Skepticism,” will feature local UCSB alumnus band “Layover” at SoHo Restaurant and Music Club in downtown Santa Barbara. Dinner will be served and there will be a panel discussion as well as a silent auction, which will help raise money needed to support the organization’s efforts.

“The event is about much more than just the money,” said Club Leader Lorenzo Marchetti. “We need people to understand we are more than just a political movement. We are looking for a better world.”

Marchetti said the event got its title because many are skeptical about the organization’s reach to end war internationally for one year. Having the event will allow the organization to do some outreach to the community and bring awareness about their efforts.

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“The event was made in order to have a new stage to stand on outside of the walls of the college,” said Marchetti. “We don’t want to be socializing with just the students.”

The majority of the group’s events and outreach efforts take place on City College’s campus among students. Holding “Music Against Skepticism” at the venue in the heart of downtown will help the group gain more support among the Santa Barbara community.

Organization Advisor Joseph White and Marchetti will be joined in a panel discussion by John Andre, a former minister counselor of the European Union, and Peter Haslund, a former City College political science professor. The panel will go over the organization’s plans to reach its goal for 2020, focusing on making contact with politicians at the United Nations and pressuring them to create a resolution.

The manager of CBS television show “2 Broke Girls,” a donor and supporter of the organization, will also attend the fundraising event. Two tickets to a live viewing of the show in Los Angeles will be auctioned.

Delegate Sophia Silva said other supporters attending include wineries from the Santa Barbara and Napa areas. Several bottles of wine donated by them will also be auctioned.

Silva said other items up for grabs are gift cards to local spas, a weekend trip for two to Carmel, and a dinner with Joseph White.

Marchetti said the proceeds will go toward helping the group get in contact with politicians at the United Nations. The funds will also help them create a new website for the organization.

“Music Against Skepticism” will be at 7 p.m. on March 31 at SoHo Restaurant and Music Club.

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