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Great Books Curriculum holds student writing competition


For the fourth year in a row, City College’s Great Books Curriculum will hold a student writing competition.

The competition is open to all students that would like to participate, and is a great way to get your work out there and maybe even win some money while you’re at it.

After receiving a grant four years ago, the Great Books Curriculum came up with an idea.

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“Immediately I thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a student writing competition,” said Celeste Barber, Great Books Curriculum coordinator.

The competition focuses on one theme or book that Barber says is able to “engage students from across campus, regardless of writing ability or background.”

This year, that book is Homer’s “Odyssey.”

Describing the travels of Greek hero Odysseus, “Odyssey” unravels his journey home after the events of the Trojan War. Despite being the second oldest work in Western literature, the “Odyssey” still has great relevance in all literary works to this day.

“Most of the stories that we tell are versions of the ‘”Odyssey,’” said Barber.

The competition wants writers to focus mainly on the idea of survival and homecoming like that of which is described in the “Odyssey.” A soldier’s “return” to home, from the perils of “war.”

To enter, all students need to do is fill out an application. They can be found in the Library, with the English Department, or at this link.

All essays must either be hand delivered to the Interdisciplinary Center on West Campus, or to the English Department Office, Room 317 or submitted through email to Celeste Barber.

First place will receive $250 while two honorable mentions will take home $100.

The deadline for submitting work is October 31.

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