Blow dry bars new way to glam it up


Channels editor Gabriella Slabiak enjoys champagne with her blowout

Shae Pottmeyer, Staff Writer

Blow dry bars are becoming increasingly more popular, but what makes them such a hit?

The rules are simple: no cuts and no colors.

It’s no secret women love to be pampered, and blow dry bars offer celebrity treatment in a chic lounge environment.

From a night on the town to a bridal party, clients receive a stress-free environment without the hustle and bustle of salons.

These trendy spots give a fresh take on an experience at a salon. Most blow dry bars offer their services for around $35 and typically take an hour.

Griselda Rosas, co-chair of the City College cosmetology department, says styling hair is a big part of their curriculum. The bars are a great way for beginning stylists to transition from learning to work environment.

Cosmetology major Ashley Golden says  blow dry bars are for people who need help styling their hair. Golden’s career goal is to style hair on the runway and in magazines, and she isn’t sold on the idea of working in a blow dry bar.

“I don’t see that being something that I would be interested in,” Golden said.

Rosas believes the salons will continue to rise in popularity because “people want to look good.”

The Channels sent three staffers to test out the experience at the first blow dry bar in downtown Santa Barbara, Shine Blow Dry Bar.