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Review: Myspace

Jessica Michaels

December 1, 2010

The social networking site MySpace, which in the last few years has fallen by the wayside to its rival Facebook, has altered its features to fit the demands of the generation. MySpace has a new logo and the site's designer...

Review: Facebook

Eri Ari

December 1, 2010

Facebook, with more than 500 million users, keeps making adjustments frequently. A few changes work fine but some just don't, and therefore, are unnecessary. Now, users see small pictures of people who are online on Facebook...

Air Force Cadet fires his weapon of choice at City College

Joel Linde, Features Editor

October 12, 2010

Like other kids, he grew up fascinated by aircrafts. So fascinated in fact, he joined the Air Force right out of high school. However, Seantel Sanders ended up shooting completely different targets than what he first predicted. In...

Review: “Pages” app for the iPad a class note necessity

James Sinclair and James Sinclair

October 5, 2010

The iPad "Pages" application is doing its part to make note taking actually enjoyable. While it doesn't claim to be a revolution of Gutenberg proportions, it's certainly better than having to scratch down all your notes by hand. ...

Review: “Evernote” an advanced version of “Notes” app for iPhone

Paige Comaduran and Paige Comaduran

October 5, 2010

Too many times I've had a brilliant idea and then "blink," the light bulb above my head burns out, and that brilliant idea is gone in a flash. In that moment, a swift shuffle through my bag to jot down the thought on my notepad...

Google applications may supplant Pipeline for e-mail, other services

Zac Estrada, Zac Estrada, and Zac Estrada

April 14, 2010

City College could be jumping on the Google bandwagon by phasing out the Pipeline e-mail system for students. That's part of a recommendation made to the Associated Student Body March 26 by the college's Director of Information Technology, Daniel Watkins. He ...

Column – Laptop note-takers face risky distractions

Charlotte Brange and Charlotte Brange

February 2, 2010

Not many people can do two things at once, especially not when really having to concentrate. Everyday in class I'll sit behind someone who uses a laptop. Believe me, people are not only using them to take notes. Students are...

Inside technology: thin film on a roll

Jeff Campbell, Jeff Campbell, and Jeff Campbell

October 7, 2009

A City College student and professor have invented an eco-friendly, cheap, quick machine that turns paper into a flexible electronic screen and fabric to hold solar panel particles. This will allow consumers to charge their...

Expert to teach effective marketing

Zac Estrada, Zac Estrada, and Zac Estrada

October 7, 2009

Lorrie Thomas is part of a fast-paced industry that moves about as rapidly as she does. The former Santa Barbara City College student and web marketing consultant is speaking from 4 to 6 p.m. on Oct. 9 at the Fè Bland Forum,...

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