Review: “Pages” app for the iPad a class note necessity

James Sinclair and James Sinclair

The iPad “Pages” application is doing its part to make note taking actually enjoyable.

While it doesn’t claim to be a revolution of Gutenberg proportions, it’s certainly better than having to scratch down all your notes by hand.

“Pages” is a simple, easy-to-use word processor app designed by Apple specifically for the iPad. While there is nothing truly spectacular about the app in itself, it does what any good mobile app does: make a given task quicker and more convenient.

“Pages” is the perfect app for any hard-working college student. And if you’re not a hard worker, perhaps it’s the tool you need to get your act together.

No more lugging around multiple notebooks, scouring your bag for a working pen, or forgetting where the hell you put last week’s history notes.

Pages features a bundle of modifying tools like the “Inspector” that lets you, the writer, customize your note-taking template and page design to organize your notes however you see fit. And you can make it even easier for yourself with the option to add graphs and charts.

And while the rest of your class feverishly tries to keep up with your professor, you can just peruse Facebook while you wait. You’ve earned it, Mavis Beacon!

One setback of “Pages” is the price. While willing to drop five hundred on the iPad, I was a little reluctant on spending ten bucks for a word processor. But it’s definitely money well spent. Your non-aching fingers will be thanking you later.