Review: Facebook

Eri Ari

Facebook, with more than 500 million users, keeps making adjustments frequently. A few changes work fine but some just don’t, and therefore, are unnecessary.

Now, users see small pictures of people who are online on Facebook chat instead of their names. It can be confusing when you have friends who change their profile pictures everyday or have pictures of their dogs or cats.

There is no “wall-to-wall” anymore on Facebook. Now you see a list of the conversations and comments on anything you’ve recently exchanged with a specific friend on one page. It even shows the pictures you and your friends are in together.

For those who have used Facebook for a long time it may feel weird with its new system. It’s very creepy that people are now able to see the comments that any two of your friends put for each other.

Some people may like these changes because it makes it easier to see the history of friendships with someone of their friends. However, the changes can confuse old Facebook users.