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Campus construction moves performing arts students

Eryn Burkhart

February 17, 2009

The scheduled construction on the Garvin Theatre and the Drama and Music Department buildings has displaced City College's musicians and actors, moving them to adjunct buildings and portable facilities. "This is part of the adjusting process," said in...

CD Review- Blood Bank

Amanda Jacobs

February 17, 2009

Indie-Folk band Bon Iver recently recorded and released "Blood Bank," an EP with a much warmer sound than its previous album, "For Emma Forever Ago." The EP was released on Jan. 20, and with two new band members its sound h...

CD Review- Born to Fly

Jen Baron

February 17, 2009

"Born To Fly," Sarah Sample's much-anticipated third record, is all that was expected and more. Released earlier this month by independent record label, Ramona PQ Records, "Born To Fly," although only a small EP, wows with...

CD Review- The Wild One

Sofia Gjerstad

February 17, 2009

The Swedish band Sugarplum Fairy started more than 10 years ago playing songs by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and has now come out with their third album, "The Wild One," released in Sept. 2008 on Universal Records. They are still inspi...

Dom Carmadella goes underwater in “Superfish”

Joey Large, Joey Large, and Joey Large

February 16, 2009

In between cutting the new Rebelution album and recording blues guitarist Robert Cray at his downtown studio, instructor Dom Camardella was happy to find time for an interview. Immediately after his morning classes, Camard...

CD Review- The Fame

Andrea Rooney, Andrea Rooney, and Andrea Rooney

February 16, 2009

Dance music diva Lady Gaga has burst on to the pop scene with her debut album "The Fame," providing listeners with a unique blend of funky dance beats, glam-rock synthesizers, and saucy vocals. Released on Oct. 28, 2008, "Th...

CD Review- Perfect Symmetry

Julie Dreschler, Julie Dreschler, and Julie Dreschler

February 16, 2009

After masterpieces like "Hopes & Fears" and "Under the Iron Sea" the expectations for Keane's new album were definitely high. With "Perfect Symmetry," the band has moved in a new direction, discovering a more electronic up-b...

Grammy-winning prof helps SBCC students record music

Rebekah Khoury

May 8, 2007

Upcoming bands can take advantage of City College's sound-recording secret, a professor who can provide a direct link to the music industry while offering students tips and the opportunity to visit or work at his professional...

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