CD Review- Perfect Symmetry

Julie Dreschler, Julie Dreschler, and Julie Dreschler

After masterpieces like “Hopes & Fears” and “Under the Iron Sea” the expectations for Keane‘s new album were definitely high. With “Perfect Symmetry,” the band has moved in a new direction, discovering a more electronic up-beat side of its music. Despite the change, it’s still the sound of the British piano rock band, only with a more edgy touch.
The album kicks of with the song “Spiraling”, which sticks in your head immediately and will definitely stick to the Billboard lists in no time. It continues in this up-beat tempo but also leaves room for the soaring melodies and purity of voice found throughout the first album.
The band has definitely used the 1980s as an inspiration when writing the album, something that becomes a bit too obvious at times. Overall, this is a fantastic album, sure to be enjoyed by all.
3 Stars out of 5