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SBCC Dance hosts annual collective in Garvin Theatre

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Dancers from SBCC Dance Company preform for The Company’s Dance Collective on Friday, April 12, 2019, in the Garvin Theatre at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The SBCC Dance Company held its seventh annual dance collective last night, providing unique, fun and interesting entertainment for all.

Each dance felt fresh and different, something that the dance company is extremely talented at— the choreography never feels stale.

Artistic Director Tracy Kofford started off the show with a speech dedicating his appreciation to his colleagues and to the company. He explained the hard work that the company puts into these shows, from the long hours of practice and constantly touring from city to city every weekend. This gave an important sense of context to the show, and made the audience appreciate the pieces even more.

The curtains rose, and the company began with a piece called “Prologue; A Sense of Human.” This piece was fitting to kick off the performance, and gave the audience a taste of the show to come.

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A personal highlight of the show was “Silent Splendor,” choreographed by Kofford. The stunning costumes only added to the beauty of the piece. The girls were adorned in flowing, beige dresses, while the boys wore colored pants and tanks.

The sound of raindrops played as the dancers walked out, the groups moving seamlessly against the fluorescent blue background. There was a beautiful, effortless quality to their movement, and the dance earned them a standing ovation.

“Dopamine,” choreographed by Lauren Serrano, was another intriguing piece. It immediately stood out from the rest, taking 80’s styles as inspiration. The audience was cheering and clapping, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere within the room.

Guest performers also attended the collective. The State Street Ballet Young Dancers, adorned in pastel-colored button downs, began their dance with a song called “When the Party’s Over,” by popular artist Billie Eilish. The sentimental song then switched to an instrumental rap song, ending the piece with a bang. The music choice and remix made it feel unique and fun, and was complimented by their excellent dancing.

The collective was a great experience, and the audience seemed to enjoy ever piece. It’s worth it supporting the Dance Company’s shows, as they’ll be sure to impress even when the party is, in fact, over.

The Dance Company will host an encore performance of the show at 7 p.m, Saturday, April 13 in the Garvin Theatre.

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