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Gourmet Dining Room hosts exhibit of new student artwork

Amanda Stubbing
Ryan Peters curates the shows in the Annex Gallery, one of her duties as gallery intern for the art department, Wednesday, Sept. 17, on East Campus in Santa Barbara. ‘I like to work in the gallery because I love to share my enthusiasm for art with other people,’ said Peters.

A dark, charcoal sketch of a Spanish-style home is tucked behind layers of palm trees sinking into an oblivion of black layers.

Michelle Blum’s sketch is one of eight drawings chosen to hang in the ANNEX, the collaborative space that holds student artwork in the John Dunn Dining Room.

This month, the exhibition “Santa Barbara Summer Landscapes” featured the work submitted by the summer drawing students in Art 120 classes and curated by City College’s new Atkinson Gallery intern, Ryan Peters.

An artist herself, Peters was chosen to be the Fall 2014 intern, where curating exhibits is one of the many responsibilities.

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The former engineering major decided to take as many art classes as she could after figuring out that engineering was just not right for her.

“I know it’s what I have to do, so whether that ends up being an artist or doing more industrial stuff or curating…just somewhere in that world,” said Peters on how art will remain in her life. “I don’t know what I want to do it the future, but I know it’s what I have to do.”

Peters’ process of curating shows does not just mean placing paintings on a wall, but also a plethora of timely deeds. From releasing flyers and sending out press emails, to determining which piece would compliment each wall, curating a world of its own.

It was Gabrielle Fantone’s simple sailboat sketch that held my attention with a strong focus. The organic and effortlessly charcoal-produced waters depicted the boat’s reflection as if looking at a marina during the clearest time of day.

Peters admits it was challenging to dig through all of the art submissions, although she did end up with eight different, yet cohesive works of art.

The final pieces chosen somehow reflect a natural balance of progression that illuminates the small space of the dining room.

The ANNEX is a co-collaborative effort between the culinary department and the Atkinson Gallery, where everything is student-run and student-produced.

While viewing the artwork on a Tuesday afternoon, students were out on dates, drinking water out of Bordeaux glasses as they admired the mini-gallery, enjoying their meals.

“Santa Barbara Summer Landscapes” will be on display from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Monday through Friday, Oct. 12, or by scheduled appointment.



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