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Student art praised in annual Atkinson Gallery exhibition

The Channels Arts Pages | STAFF REVIEW
Jose Solis’ sculpture entitled “Bound to Denim” is suspended from the ceiling as attendees of the Annual Student Exhibition exit on Friday, April 25, in the Atkinson Gallery at City College. Solis’ sculpture is comprised of denim, buttons and zippers with an asking price of $10,000.

A massive, styrofoam face with green eyes, a “surreal selfie” and a teapot made of grains of rice are just a preview of what this year’s Annual Student Exhibition had to offer.

On Friday evening, in the Atkinson Gallery at City College, 56 students submitted to showcase their work in a one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Every year the Atkinson Gallery puts on a student show to represent the variety of art department classes offered at City College. This year, an eclectic mix of sculptures, paintings and ceramics were displayed.

Student, Jean-Dwight Ledbetter’s piece took an interesting approach on the well-known “selfie” trend that everyone knows and loves. Ledbetter’s “Surreal Selfie” was more of a creature than anything else. A type of monster with demented teeth and a second face stemming from its forehead was only the beginning. With legs coming out of its cheeks and horns protruding from obscure places, this student’s take on a selfie was clearly different than the traditional definition.

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In the middle of room hung a sculpture of a different caliber. Old jeans, buttons and zippers dangle from the ceiling in a spherical type shape. Jose Solis created the $10,000 piece and titled it, “Bound to Denim.”

The interactive space of the Atkinson Gallery was used well to accentuate the talent of these works of art. On tables laid ceramic pieces by various students, such as Primo Um and his “Dinnerware Set for Two,” who received a merit award for advanced ceramics.

President, Dr. Lori Gaskin came to speak on behalf of the Atkinson Gallery and the annual student show, where she praised all facets of the art department, calling it a celebration of achievement and accomplishment.

Gaskin was responsible for giving out the President’s Purchase Award, where the winner’s piece is sold and hung up in City College’s Administration Building. Printmaking student, Sasha Colbert won the purchase award as well as the Santa Barbara Art Association art scholarship, for her etching, “Staying Late.”

Colbert was also awarded first place for intermediate/advanced printmaking for her piece. Colbert’s etchings are a collective work of her love for finding beauty within decay.

First place for beginning painting award went to Kathi Scarminach for her acrylic painting, “Spilling Over.” In a wood frame, a moment is captured in bright colored paints. From the design on the mug to the reflection in the pitcher of hot water, Scarminach paints her way into a plethora of details.

The gigantic, daunting styrofoam, pink pupil character, titled “Immortal” was created by Issac Hernandez. In colors mostly white with some pink, and green accents, the hanging sculpture entangles the mind in some sort of strange dream.

Sculpture artist, Charles Starr entered in his piece, “Lost in Space,” featuring three striped-colored panels in orange, pink and blue. Elongated sticks emerge from the panels that are attached to three ball-like shapes with see-through holes. Only from certain angles, tiny astronauts tucked into the crevasses can be noticed.

Students, professors and administration filled the Atkinson Gallery tonight to support the school in its artistic achievements. For students who did not have the chance to have their art showcased in the gallery, a room downstairs was used as a second exhibition room, “Salon de Refuses.”

The Annual Student Exhibition will be open to the public until May 16, in the Atkinson Gallery of the Humanities Building.

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