CD Review – “Valleys of Neptune” by Jimi Hendrix

Jayne Bittner

“Valleys of Neptune,” Jimi Hendrix‘s posthumous album released March 9, proves that whether it’s 1970 or 2010, Hendrix’s smooth, psychedelic tunes are timeless.

The album is comprised of well-known Hendrix songs, like “Stone Free” from the 1966 album “Hey Joe,” and “Fire,” from the 1967 album “Are you Experienced?” as well as songs previously unreleased, like “Ships Passing through the Night” and “Lullaby for the Summer.”

The album’s second track titled “Valleys of Neptune” is deemed an unreleased song and echoes the Hendrix we all know and love. The tempo has a groovy kind of vibe similar to that of “Purple Haze.”

Whether you grew up listening to Hendrix or grew up listening to your parents listen to Hendrix, this album offers the perfect combination of fresh and reminiscent beats.