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Review of Jessie J’s music video ‘Price Tag’

Jessie J’s music video for her song “Price tag” mixes humor and seriousness, with interesting clothing.

Starting with a broken teddy bear that seems quite out of place, the video picks up a fun theme with children’s toys and interesting illustrations of what’s sung.

Dressing up as a marionette, sitting in a doll’s house and driving around on a children’s tricycle are some of the things used to engage the viewers.

With just a few things going on at the same time in the video, it’s easy to watch. The creator has managed to display various content and eye-catching features without losing the viewer on the way.

Though the song has a serious point, the issue is put in the background. The video as a whole comes across with a spotlight on the artist rather than a satire of the money-focused world we live in.

The most noticeable “Price tag” related element is, in fact, a big price tag that the artist holds in a few scenes. The price tag is followed by a big tree of money and contrasted with a worn down car.

Most music videos nowadays show people walking down the street, up the hill, driving in their cars or in huge parties. But “Price tag” brings a freshness that usually lacks in the art of current music videos.


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