CD Review: Deerhof’s “Offend Maggie”

Kyle Rokes

Deerhof’s newest album “Offend Maggie” doesn’t sound a thing like the band’s previous three. This is part of why it’s so good.

Released Oct. 7 on the Rock Stars label, front singer Satomi Matsuzaki’s ethereal vocals are as refreshing as a Japanese Ramune soda.

With lyrics such as “Want you, three, four, I won’t pick up hystering, want you, three, four, I won’t pick up hystering, tens, hundreds, and thousands of love messages” from the album titled song, the lyrics sometimes come across as rather silly. However, John Dietrich and Edward Rodriuez’s guitar work underpinned by Greg Saunier’s solid drumming and it all add up to a solid album worthy of their well earned indie pedigree.

This CD is perfect for the coffeehouse, travel or staring out the window on a melancholy day.

Four stars.