Reno Police Department update description of suspect in SBCC student Brianna Denison’s murder case

Ariel Seth and Ariel Seth

The Reno Police Department Detectives are conducting follow-up interviews for the Brianna Denison case that may help with identifying the suspect, according to The City of Reno’s website, posted last Friday.

“We’ve updated a profile on him based upon continual conversations with past victims,” said Robert McDonald, head of the Detective Division for the Reno Police Department.

“As time passes, people’s recollection changes a bit, and we are getting new information about height and description.”

The suspect has been identified as taller, “likely between 5’9″ and 6’3″ in height, with a mustache and goatee, and genital and groin areas are without hair- skin noticeably smooth and consistent with use of a hair removal cream,” according to the City of Reno website.

He also has “large hands with ‘meaty’ thick fingers” and “appears to be Caucasian with the skin on his abdomen, groin, and upper legs noticeably lighter in color than the skin on his hands.”

According the City of Reno Website, this description of the suspect is how he appeared to the victim on December 16, 2007, so he may have altered his appearance since then.

“We are still running down leads right and left,” McDonald said.

Further information on the suspect’s appearance can be found at The City of Reno website.