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Global- Bah Humbug to prejudice

It’s an ignorant world we live in, but live in it we must. The generalizations about different cultures, races and religions run rampant, even during the Holiday season when people are supposed be merry, dressed in Fair Isle sweaters, and drinking eggnog.

People see others for what they are made out to be. Through years of conditioning from parents or childhood friends, the ignorance is passed down, generation to generation. It’s a vicious cycle.

Countless painful and disgusting terms used to describe a few corners of our diverse society. The hatred and stereotypes have flourished, and now we are stuck with everyone calling each other dirty names and committing hate crimes based on what was viewed on the nightly news.

Why is it that people do this? Why name call, stare and look down upon others on the basis of difference? Or really, what difference does it make what color your skin is or who you are attracted to? People are ignorant and ill-educated about people who come from a background different from their own. No one takes the time to listen and understand where others come from. This in turn causes people to look not at individuals but at groups.

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After Sept.11 people from the Middle East were all labeled as terrorists. It’s mass hysteria, it’s a cause for stupid people to make a fuss and feel as if they know what is going on in the world, when they really have no idea. They are seeing the things that are happening around them with closed eyes.

Sorry to get all sentimental but it’s the Holiday season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, put aside our differences and try to respect and understand one another. Smile at someone instead of giving them the finger. And while you’re at it why not do some charity work if you’ve got the time, maybe at an all-black community center or an all-white church?

Santa is a big man, but just dare to call him fat. He probably won’t be stopping on your rooftop if you keep referring to him as such. He’s fat because of all those cookies he has to eat. Also, just because your older brother is gay doesn’t mean he is responsible for the fall of marriage, he just prefers men. And just because that un-wed teenage mother has two kids already doesn’t mean she’s a whore.

People can’t possibly judge others by what they see, or hear. It’s impossible to know someone’s story unless they tell it to you.

Everyone makes these assumptions; everyone across the globe is guilty of saying a harsh word or two about someone else. When you take it upon yourself to see a little further is when you separate yourself from the ignorance. In the end, we are all the same whether we celebrate the season with a menorah on the table or a tree in the living room.

We as human beings cannot possibly know everyone’s story. But when we listen, we can understand.

Happy Holidays, and for once in your life, try and have some understanding for others.

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