CD Review – Converge

Stephen DeFilippo

Converge’s “No Heroes” classifies as one of the best executed albums of 2006. The Boston based foursome has been ravaging stages and laying down some of the heaviest records since 1990. “No Heroes” shows no restraint as the first four tracks blast out the gates at sonic speeds clocking in at no longer than 7 minutes. The album’s first track serves as a wake up call, as the band roars back into fan’s ears in their follow-up to the 2004 album: “You Fail Me.” Kurt Ballou’s guitar tones are sharper than they have ever been before and carry the album all the way to the end, especially through the epic track, Trophy Scars. Jacob Bannon, vocalist, lyricist, and designer of “No Heroes’ has raised the bar this time around by delivering his most aggressive vocals, darkest and most displacing lyrics to date, and creating fitting art for the whole package. Fans of the metal/hardcore genre will find “No Heroes” to be a resuscitative shock to the genre’s slowing pulse.