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Coffee at Luria Library

With the promise of future organic and fair-trade coffee, the new Cyber Center and Café in the Luria Library is doing its part to keep students awake and the world more environmentally sound.

“I love the idea of this café,” said Anna Hagenginder, an interior design student at City College. “Before this was built, I would always go to coffee shops to study. But it’s nice to go to a place that’s quieter. Plus it’s on campus.”

The Cyber Center and Café offers an array of affordable options to students. Items include lose-leaf tea, hot chocolate and biscotti, as well as the usual latte.

“I have had many students thank us for building the café,” said Kenley Neufeld, director of the library department. “They enjoy the change in the library environment.”

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City College student, Dane Larson said, “This place is pretty swank.”

Though the cyber café was in planning since fall 2005, construction was completed over the summer.

“Last year, before Jack Owen retired, he really pushed the idea for a cyber café in the library,” Neufeld said. “He said he had visited other campuses that had coffee cafés, so I said, ‘Lets do it.'”

With the Cyber Center and Café costing close to $100,000, the library received donations from Friends of the Luria Library, Verizon and the campus bookstore.

None of the money needed to build the café came from the library fund, Neufeld said.

“The only challenge we faced building the cyber café was fitting the coffee cart through the doors, which took a couple of days,” joked Marc Sullivan, director of business services.

Along with the $25,000 coffee cart, new furniture and tables have been added to make the library comfortable.

“It’s good that there’s a space now where people who have to work on group projects can come here, drink coffee and study,” said music student Rebecca Fogelson.

Now that the café has been built, its future goal of becoming more environmentally responsible is already in the making.

“Now that our cups are recyclable, we’re working on carrying free trade and organic coffee,” Sullivan said.

Environmental Studies Professor, Adam Green added, “As a college, we should be at the forefront of championing these ideas. It seems that the coffee carts on campus as well as the Cyber Café are both taking the steps forward to progress.”

Fair-trade coffee levels the profit field for traders who usually are paid very little, Green said.

Though Sullivan said he is planning an organic and fair-trade coffee tasting, one thing’s clear, students’ enthusiasm about the new addition is unshaken.

“I love coffee and I really enjoy working in an environment where I get to build relationships with students and faculty,” said Dana Ortner, an employee of the Cyber Café.

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