Editorial: Watchdog influencing community

Channels Editorial

In my introduction column, I set forth two main goals as Editor in Chief of The Channels. The first, that I would continue the newspaper’s tradition as a professional, first-rate newspaper and the “watchdog” for the City College community. The second statement was that I would try to focus on the Internet and upgrade the online edition. Both goals have been accomplished.

The Channels reported student rosters were stolen from a faculty member’s car and students’ Social Security Numbers were compromised. The college no longer lists students’ Social Security Numbers next their names on student rosters, only the last four digits.

We reported the Academic Senate did not list a discussion item on the agenda at least 72 hours before the meeting. Since the story broke the senate has had all items properly listed on subsequent agendas.

We reported, after a yearlong investigation, that the Security department had neglected to record campus crimes in the daily logs and annual statistics. They have concluded an investigation, plan on updating the records, and reinforcing their relationship with local law enforcement in an effort to keep students, faculty and staff safe.

We said we would be the watchdogs of City College. That is exactly what we have done. We have reported the news this semester, and will continue this tradition in the spring.

Sometimes The Channels can surprise you. We are defined as a student newspaper. Therefore, it is easy to expect us to be learning and practicing our chosen crafts. When a student displays the kind of professional, first-rate reporting and writing consistently found in The Channels it might be a shock.

Our student reporters, writers and photographers have performed like veterans on many occasions. It can be easy to forget they are students. Chris Cadelago has written many breaking news stories this semester. His professional attitude, accurate reporting, and intelligent writing make it easy to forget he too is a student.

I have been honored to work with the staff this semester, without their efforts this paper would not be the success it is.

The online edition has also been successful. It has gone through a fantastic transformation. This is a result of the efforts from our new online editor, Bethany Hopkins. Her hard work has brought you breaking news only online and the cover of each edition can be viewed. We get hundreds of hits a day and consider it encouraging feedback to see new readers registered everyday.

Another way to gauge success is Letters to the Editor. This section of the paper is thriving.

The Channels is a public forum newspaper with rights protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Free speech is essential to the growth and prosperity of a democratic society. The editorial and opinion pages of this paper are the platform for our readers.

We have always encouraged our readers to respond with their opinions. Not in the form of casual comments on the street, but in the form of open debate that benefits the community. I appreciate everyone who has written in this semester to express his or her opinion. Thank you for participating in the public forum offered by the opinion and editorial pages of The Channels.

We have continued a tradition of quality journalism at City College. The Channels staff has been the watchdog for City College and will continue to do so. The online edition of the paper will also keep evolving. I look forward to the spring semester, and a chance to continue bringing you all the news. Happy Holidays!