College to get fined over asbestos release

Evan Parker and Evan Parker

City College unknowingly released asbestos into the air this fall while renovating the Administration Building, violating Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control Board regulations.

Board Director Terry Dressler, said Santa Barbara requires all building sites to give notification to the board if asbestos will be released when renovating.

“We have every reason to believe the contamination was done unknowingly,” Dressler said. “The college has been very cooperative through all of this.”

Mike Broughton, air pollution inspector supervisor, said, “once the City College determined there was an asbestos contamination, they did everything in their power to rectify the problem.”

The next step for the college will be a settlement with the air pollution board.

“There will most likely be a small monetary punishment,” Dressler said.

The exact amount City College must pay is not yet known.

According to California Health and Safety Code 42402.1, the fine for negligent emission of air contamination cannot exceed $25,000 per day of exposure.

“I can guarantee the fine won’t be that high,” Broughton said.

The fine will be sent to City College sometime next week.