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Editorial: Increased awareness needed for student safety

Editorial: Increased awareness needed for student safety
Justin Covington

The Channels staff believes safety at City College needs to be amped up to protect students.

The security available now is not enough.

In lieu of the two recently reported sexual assaults on campus, it is important for women and men to stay safe. We’ve heard multiple stories of female students accepting rides from strangers to get better parking spaces. This is extremely dangerous.

We strongly advise against accepting rides from strangers.

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Many people are scared to trek alone to their cars and homes after dusk.

Although most night classes get out by 10:05, an escort or buddy is not always available.

Many students don’t know about the escort system and night shuttle City College offers. We believe nighttime professors should be required to tell students about these safety options.

More attention should be brought to services the school already has in place. Large signs and banners could help students be more aware.

Pershing Park’s lack of lighting and unwatched surveillance videos makes students feel unprotected when out at night. This renders students vulnerable to attacks.

At night, security can seem scarce. The night shuttle available between 5:45 and 10:15 carries students to their cars to increase safety.

According to Parking Services, “The shuttles … allow officers to be in more places, more quickly, and more often to help create a safer environment for students and employees.”

It is important for students to be wary when walking through the parking lot. If your car is parked beside a large car or van, enter from the passenger seat to prevent abduction.

Emergency phones are placed throughout campus; however, they are few and far between.

With 9 in all, more emergency phones should be installed around campus for those who walk late at night.

Dim lighting around campus increases the number of places for petty thieves to hide from their victims.

In 2011, 41 petty thefts and 32 grand thefts were reported on campus. This is a number to incite concern within students who walk home and to their cars alone.

It is important for students to know basic safety.

Students who talk on the phone while walking are distracted and become more prone to attacks. Carrying pepper spray and holding your keys between your knuckles are easy precautions students can take.

Those who live in the neighborhoods near campus face dangers on their walks home—unlit pathways near and off campus cause hazards for young men and women.

City College should urge the city to help improve the safety of students in the surrounding areas.

The City of Santa Barbara should take pride in its community college and help ensure the protection of students and faculty.

Many basic safety practices are already in place at City College. The school needs to take this a step further by publicizing these programs.

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