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Column: Social Media takeover

Rachel Stone, Staff Writer

October 4, 2013

As I walk around Santa Barbara City College I am constantly dodging students who are too consumed in their cell phone to see where they are heading. In class, phones are continuously buzzing, ringing and lighting up in every direc...

Column: Its all fun and games until the party ends with a DUI

Kasey Vedder, Staff Writer

September 20, 2013

You would think those who like to have a little fun on the weekends would have figured out a way to get from point A to B. Drinking and driving has become "no big deal” for many students. 28-year-old Laine Tyrone Richardson drove himself, Allison Meadows, 26, and...

Column: Foreign military forces would escalate Syrian conflict

Lorenzo Lepori, Staff Writer

September 20, 2013

The violence in Syria has been growing for over two years, and now that the use of chemical weapons was proven, the United Security Council is striving for a resolution. Between the United States who supports a military intervention i...

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