SBCC faculty come together for campus-wide bowling league

Anna Logan, Staff Writer

City College has started a bowling league where 18 unanticipated people have assembled to lace up their bowling shoes and chow down on greasy nachos.

The new bowling league consists of City College professors and staff. They have been crafted into six teams, three people per team, and will occupy the last six lanes at Zodos Bowling and Beyond every Tues. night for nine weeks.

“It just seemed like something really fun to do,” said Spanish professor Margarita Martin Del Campo.

The idea for the bowling league was handed over to Paulmena Kelly, an administrative assistant in the president’s office at City College, who is in the league herself.

“I called Zodos and got in touch with Rocky, he’s the league coordinator here,” said Kelly. “That’s how it began.”

The City College bowlers pay a $30 fee per team each Tues. night, which does not include the table service nachos or draft beer that Zodos offers.

“It’s what you call linage, which is what you pay for the lanes and the shoes,” said Rocky Honer, the league coordinator at Zodos. “It’s a great deal that is not normally given.”

The normal prices for bowling at Zodos can be as high as $35 per hour, or $6.95 per game. For just $10 per person, the City College bowling league is able to occupy six lanes for a total of two hours.

This great deal was not only open to City College students, but to the public as well. This made it possible for Shelby Harrington, a staff member in the International Office, to sign up her fiancé.

“My fiancé, Jeff, is an excellent bowler,” said Harrington as she giggled about her remark.  “I just signed both of us up and they put us on a team together.”

Although the number of people who signed up for the league was high enough, Kelly admitted not knowing if students would be interested in the idea of forming a bowling league. It seemed like there was only one way to find out.

“It was a campus wide email; anyone with a pipeline account received one,” said Kelly.

From there, Kelly waited to see what would happen next. The outcome: 18 City College staff members who just want to have fun.

“It looks like a fun group of people,” said Honer. “They just want to bowl.”

When asked if more people could join the league, Honer said that this group of 18 people maxed him out, and that all the lanes are booked and full.

He did say that he is willing to take on another league after this one completes the nine weeks.

“I’m always trying to get new bowlers in here.”

The league started the pin-splitting season on Oct. 1, and will continue to meet at Zodos Bowling and Beyond every Tues. from 6:30-8:30p.m.