When the booze starts flowing, who do you become?

David C. Ridings, Channels Staff

Socrates once said; “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Ridings_david

After witnessing the bar scene over time, I was curious why bars so are entertaining to me and tantalizing to others.

Do people go to bars for overpriced drinks, filthy restrooms or the oh-so interesting people?

All over America, drinking in bars and clubs is socially acceptable – to an extent. The intentions of everyone vary.

What are your intentions when you go out?

A strong sense that insecurity will be murdered lingers around un-drunk alcohol. Certain people seem to notice this as well. As people begin to thin the bottles, insecurity is massacred using liquid courage.

Repressed feelings tend to find themselves all over the tables if the tipping point of tipsy is toppled. Crying, screaming, pushing, and unexpected kissing; these are all too similar to the actions of an infant.

Finding entertainment in the misfortune of others is something we are innocently and innately attracted to.

Just as public executions were once a form of entertainment, we have not lost the love for the tragedy of others. We can tune in any night if we’d like to.

There are many decent reasons for drinking but there’s a different breed that looks like animals in the end. They’re the people who intentionally consume alcohol to the point of selfish perversion, posturing and puking. They’re reliable nightlife entertainment.

One variety of these creatures lurks at night in order to sloppily alter their freewill with alcohol, often at the expense of unsuspecting women. If these men don’t respect themselves, you can’t expect them to respect women.

We all have reason to believe we exist based on René Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am.”

Men are said to think about sex every five seconds, and the public sure seems to enjoy watching them get slapped or thrown out for going too far during their alcohol induced mating dance. As if their lives weren’t hard enough, some try with erections.

‘The American Dream’ for instance, is revolved around improving ourselves. All we can empirically govern is ourselves, which leads to the next breed, the blacked-out burdens.

These people will go out with their friends and become so completely boozed that they become a chore. These friends can never find good reasons to avoid an alcoholic beverage, unless they find a better brand to drink.

Unfortunately, we all experience a friend like this at some point and it becomes pathetic. But trust that the people observing are entertained—as are the police.

Nobody is expected to avoid letting loose, but remaining composed for the sake of the people around you is a good way to avoid a run-in with the next class of these walking punch lines.

These groups of charming bar-goers are the posturers. A false self-image is easily hidden in an inebriated environment. These people tend to be violent in packs. Large groups of friends who want to feel like they are in control of the room instead of their actions.

These people are usually the cause of a bar fight. The public displays great interest in these fights as long as they are not involved.

I’ve observed that this type of drunk’s idea of self-satisfaction always branches to selfish acts in the end, regardless of any attempted slurred justification.

Avoid egoism at all costs, especially if I just described you.

It’s undoubtedly fun to go out and enjoy an American right and all that nightlife has to offer. Most people aren’t like the breed I mentioned, so before one of these vampires bites you, know how to ask yourself why you go – and who you know that’s like this?