Student senate confirms 9 new members with little hesitation



The Associated Student Government meeting began with nine members providing feedback on City College’s current Institutional Student Learning Outcomes.

Before the meeting was dismissed the student senate grew to twice its previous size as nine newly appointed senators squeezed around the once spacious conference table.

Academic Senate President Kimberly Monda and Vice President Laurie Vasquez started the morning off by presenting the learning outcomes that all students should be able to demonstrate upon graduation from City College.

“There are six institutional learning outcomes,” said Vasquez. “The purpose is so that almost every student that attends Santa Barbara City College would have some level of understanding and commitment to the idea that you are going to leave here with critical thinking and learn how to identify appropriate answers, make choices, and solve problems.”

A new draft of the outcomes was developed during Spring 2014 in an attempt to improve the six learning outcomes, after being reviewed by Committee on Teacher and Learning earlier this month, Monda and Vasquez will continue efforts to make changes that result in more effective guidelines and expectations.

Shortly after the special presentation, the student senate began interviewing each of the nine applicants.

Each student was given three minutes to describe themselves and answer questions from current senators.

The senate application voting took place following the last interview, and after careful counting, the advisers announced that every applicant had been elected as a senator.

“I really want to become the student advocate,” said Bryanna Siguenza, one of the new members of the associated student government. “I want to make a voice for the students, and make sure they are heard.”

The new members appointed Friday, Feb. 20 are as follows:

  • Joanna Alvarez
  • Yeihoon Choi
  • Isaac Eaves
  • Trevor Leung
  • Matt Marino
  • Sarah Pena
  • Bryanna Siguenza
  • Lexi Valas
  • Emily Gribble

Last semester most of the seats were full, but numerous student senate members as well as then president Gracie Maynetto were inexplicably removed from their positions, creating multiple vacancies that needed to be filled.

No confirmation on the warrant of these removals was given after the incident, and the vacancies have yet to be explained to the student body.

The student senate went from having six members at the beginning of the Spring semester, to appointing three more senators within the past two weeks, to now filling all the available seats.

“I’m really excited,” said President Colette Brown. “I think the only way we can make an effective change, is if we have a large number of students pushing for it. Everyone who is now a new senator was voted in for a reason.”