Humanities building still needs close to $1 million in alterations

ANA MEZIC, Editor in Chief

The Humanities building is reaching the end of its first semester in new skin.

Though the remodel has drastically improved the building, there are still a number of amendments needed; ranging from paper towel dispensers ($500) to a new wall in the language lab ($35,000).

“I always call that commissioning. When the owner takes over a building there’s a period of time where they get settled in and see what changes have yet to be made,” said Jay Sullivan, facilities director.

The additional alterations will cost about $850,000 and will be funded by money left over from Measure V.

“In this case, we’re relocating a lot of important projects. You think of art and you think paintbrushes, but that department has got kilns, band saws, bronze casting furnaces, and all of that has to be moved back in in those two weeks before summer school,” Sullivan said.

Just moving the kilns will cost $25,000.

New LED dimmable theatrical lights, locking cabinets, pencil sharpeners, paper towel dispensers, higher security for the Atkinson Gallery, new student desks, and a wall in the language lab are among the items mentioned on the Humanities building’s to-do list.

The modifications should be completed by the end of summer 2014.