Students march for higher education in Sacramento

Nora Abou-Dabous and Antony Marchiando


Nora Abou-Dabous

Students rally in Sacramento on March 3, for the annual ‘March on March.’

VINNY PRIMIANI, Channels Staff

City College students rallied with 500 other undergraduates from around California in Sacramento on March 3, for the annual “March on March” event.

The event, organized by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC), gave students the opportunity to voice their concerns about rebuilding California’s higher education system. The theme for this year’s event was classroom to capitol.

“The march in March is a great student advocacy event. It allows students from all over the state and various institutions to have their concerns heard by the legislators. To have their opinions and concerns raised by in a community with students from all over the state” said Allison Curtis, dean of Student Services.

Paid for by the student senate, with funding form student enrollment fees, 24 City College undergrads and two facility members represented their school at the rally.

Students continued to organize and energize each other as they lined up in preparation to march.

“This is why we march to remind or legislator that we the students are not to be forgotten,” Michael Greenberg said.

Marchers made their way to the rally point in front of the capital building where keynote speakers talked to the crowd.

Students and legislators gave charged speeches for an hour and a half about higher education and reform.

“We have people from all walks of life today. I ask you to remember that before anything else we are students and we have the right, and we have the power, and we have the voice,” said Hector Rio, student speaker.