Academic Senate approves two summer sessions for 2015


Scott Buffon, News Editor

The Academic Senate voted 11 to 6 in favor of creating two summer sessions for the 2015 academic year.

According to a survey of 2,800 students, 71 percent of City College students want the two sessions. Likely calendar dates for the two terms would be from May 18 through June 27. The second term would be from June 29 through Aug. 8.

Each department can decide between holding one, two or no summer terms.

“This is probably one of the most important decisions the senate is going to make,” said Jack Friedlander, executive vice-president. “[Students] want to finish their education sooner rather than later, time is money.”

Before the vote began, the topic sparked a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons.

“The Educational Support faculty is against this,” said Deborah Mackie, educational support representative. “What students often don’t understand is, they can’t use summer [classes] right before they transfer towards their transfer goal.”

Under this new system, Mackie said that teachers would only have 48 hours to submit all of their grades.

“Otherwise students wouldn’t get their prerequisites cleared,” said Mackie. “If they did CHEM 101 the first session and CHEM 155 the second session, the turn around isn’t going to be fast enough.”

Last summer nearly 800 students used financial aid. According to Mackie, students who apply during the summer terms will only be funded for one term.

“Financial aid only recognizes primary terms. Financial aid in the summer would be spread between the summer sessions,” said Mackie.  “Students who were dependent on financial aid would have to pay for one term or the either.”

According to Associate Student Representative Gracie Maynetto, the Student Senate believes that having more chances to take summer classes will free up fall and spring courses.

“Students who can afford it are taking their classes during the summer. It opens spaces up during fall and spring semesters,” said Maynetto. “A lot of the students were in favor of this.”

If passed by the Board of Trustees, the problems surrounding the two sessions will be worked on until summer of 2015.