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Housing demands continue to strangle City College students

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One of the biggest problems students face is finding housing when attending Santa Barbara City College.

Many students struggle with the demand of rent prices.

It would be perfect to live downtown by the beach and within a 10-minute walk to State Street, but how could students afford it when the rent is too expensive? It is hard to find reasonable rent deals.

Many students start college without a job. There are students whose parents cannot afford paying all their bills. These students want to move to Santa Barbara and get educated at City College to pursue their goals but with the high cost of rent this is difficult.

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Students from out of state can find it difficult when they have nowhere else to live. Most students already pay for their food, books, and other personal expenses. These can turn out to be too high. Along with rent, Wi-Fi and electricity have to be paid too.

Landowners have a reason to increase the rent due to the economy, population or location of the complex. Many community members have a hard time accepting students living downtown because of resident and visitor damages. If students cooperate with the apartment complex the rent could possibly decrease.

City College should make a particular grant just for housing if costs continue to extremely rise.

Some students are in need of Financial Aid, but cannot receive it because of different reasons. More students would be able to attend City College if the aid was available for all students regardless of the reasons.

This would help many of the young adults who are concerned about their future.

Many City College students commute from different cities just to attend class. Students are moving to Isla Vista, Ventura or even further from Santa Barbara because of the rent. Students then have to pay for gas or leave extra time to commute to school on public transit.

There is a rumor saying that particular apartment complexes in Isla Vista, for example The Tropicana Garden apartment complex, where a good part of City College students live, will eventually only become available for UCSB students.

It is a big win for UCSB, but where would all the City College students go? It is too expensive to move downtown and pay approximately $900 and share an apartment with three people. This big issue could possibly affect the enrollment to City College. As rent gets higher, fewer and fewer students would be able to afford to live here.

It would be effective to have a new apartment complex for City College students. The unity and school spirit among the students would increase.

Students would be more prone to attend classes if they live close to campus. The attendance would not be affected negatively. Parking spots would be available and carpooling would work much smoother.

The amazing weather, the food, kind-hearted people and the beautiful City College is all here.

Renting an apartment should not cost students a fortune. So cut the rent to make students happy.

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