Letter to the Editor: Go-go dancers not affiliated with City College Dance Club

Pamela Lappen, Dance Club Advisor, Pamela Lappen, Dance Club Advisor, and Pamela Lappen, Dance Club Advisor

In response to The Channels’ article “Students create go-go business” I believe it is important that your readers are aware of the following.

As Dance Club Advisor, the SBCC Dance Club and myself are not affiliated with the two individuals in the story in their personal endeavor to pursue a business in adult entertainment as Go-Go dancers.

In addition, neither the SBCC Dance Program nor the Physical Education Department supports these two individuals’ business.  As a SBCC instructor, the business endeavor described in your story is not reflective of the education we provide our students in the SBCC Dance Program.

With support from the Physical Education Department, the hard work of our students and professional community support, SBCC dancers were selected to perform in the SBDA production, Kinesis.  This was a first and an honor for SBCC Dance. This respected SBCC Dance achievement was well received by the Santa Barbara professional dance and education community. However, it was disappointing to see how The Channels decided to use this achievement as a lead to create another story and solicit private business for two individuals. I believe The Channels executed poor judgment in exploiting names of respected community arts organizations to falsely bring substance to a non-story.

At a time when we face severe challenges with budget cuts in education, especially in the dance arts, I would think our accomplishments at SBCC should be recognized with respect.