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Baad Sunday hosts many vendors that sell jewelry, clothes, and more

Claire Geriak
The disco balls at the EOS Lounge sparkle around the Baad Sunday market on Nov. 19 in Santa Barbara, Calif. The club is filled to the brim inside and outside of unique clothes, jewelry and other handmade products.

On every third Sunday of the month, the EOS Lounge on Anacapa street hosts an annual flea market holding over twenty vendors scattered throughout the indoor and outdoor areas of the nightclub. 

Baad Sunday abbreviates Bazaar Arts and Drinks; the market holds vendors that sell a diverse selection of vintage clothing, antique and handmade art pieces, as well as an outdoor bar hosted by the EOS Lounge. Live music fills the venue along with the smell of street tacos from Taqueria Guady’s that are scentable from a five mile radius.

This event takes hold on every third Sunday of the month from 4 p.m to 12 p.m and contains different vendors each month as well as regular vendors. 

“This is my second time being a vendor here but I’ve been coming here for about six months,” Brianna Cortuala said, a vendor from Carpinteria. “A lot of my stuff is second hand or thrifted.”

Vendors sell many venerable and traditional pieces from high brands including vintage Coach and Liz Claiborne along with more affordable brands like vintage Target or GAP. Sellers make their own tags displaying pricing making it easier for buyers to locate the price.

Carefully crafted jewelry lay on green woven fabric ready the monthly Baad Sunday event on Nov. 19 at EOS Lounge in Santa Barbara, Calif. The event brings in a handful of venders and shoppers to pick through vintage, one of a kind pieces. (Claire Geriak)

Retailers create authentic and unique pieces by designing them and making them stand out. Items covered in retro designs scatter throughout clothing racks projecting attention towards the vendor.

Because the market only takes place once a month, each time the third Sunday approaches it’s a big deal for buyers and vendors according to Bad Sunday’s Instagram.

“Come on over!” Baad Sunday posted on their Instagram page. “The one and only Baad Sunday Vintage Market only happens once a month from 12-4pm at 500 Anacapa Street.”

The post was filled with likes and comments from locals tagging friends to get the word out.

Baad Sunday holds many giveaways through their instagram page boosting their following count. The instagram page posts weekly giving followers a sneak peek of what the next market has in store.


Baad Sunday’s Instagram page has over 4,000 followers and refers to it as their website. Becoming a vendor for this flea market is simple with the link to the application in their bio.

Baad Sunday has done multiple collaborations with other organizations like Fields of Funk and 365 Events. These partnerships bring many favorable artists, musicians, and music to the afternoon flea market. 

The market began to usher in more events after their launch in 2021; night markets, holiday markets, concert lineups, and a variety of special events were brought to the table about three months after Baad Sunday began to take off. 

Shoppers at Baad Sunday sort through the jungle of unique clothes at EOS Lounge on Nov. 19 in Santa Barbara, Calif. Clothes found at this event are often resell items found at various vintage and thrift stores. (Claire Geriak)

The flea market is known by many local students and staff members because of its radius from Santa Barbara City College. The EOS Lounge is about five minutes from City College with easy access through the MTD bus.

“I heard about it through my roommate and ever since it’s made the biggest dent in my bank account,” Fiona Reginner said, a City College student.

This flea market is featured in various Santa Barbara event calendars, like The American Riviera and All Events Santa Barbara, making it even simpler for tourists to locate.

Baad Sunday will be coming back to Santa Barbara on the next third Sunday of the month, which is December 16, from 12 p.m to 4 p.m at the EOS Lounge on Anacapa Street.


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