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Living on Del Playa Drive comes with both excitement and stress

Emma Welch
Shades of pink, blue, orange, and purple filling the sky viewed from a house on the 6600 block of Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista, Calif.

Del Playa Drive, a street full of student living, parties, community, and the infamous ocean view. The street is home to many University of California, Santa Barbara and City College students. Cars overflow the streets, students bike to class, and people walk in swimsuits, all contributing to the unique personality of this crowded street in Isla Vista. Living on Del playa can come with both its positives and negatives. 


Before one can live on Del Playa, there are applications that are required in order to be considered for the available properties. Playa Life IV and St George and Associates have a monopoly on Del Playa from Playa Life IV owning 39 properties and St George owning over 50 from both the ocean and mountain side of the street. Other smaller leasing companies also have properties available. Most students recommend applying and searching for housing for the following leasing season in October. 

Cost of living

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To live on a highly desired street comes with a price. According to Playa Life IV’s website, monthly rent for a home that has four bedrooms and three bathrooms will be $12,250 with a security deposit of $24,500. The description of the house says it can have up to 12 tenants, meaning if each person’s rent is split evenly, each would pay a cost of $1,020.83 per month and each room would have three people residing in it. These expenses do not include damages to the property and utilities. 


Many houses on the street are known to be party hot spots, whether it is affiliated with greek life  or any other house that hosts regularly. With fences being the only blockage to the cliff on the oceanside properties, people are able to hop the fence and could possibly fall off. According to Playa Life IV’s leasing agreement, in the case of a fatality due to a party or event the current tenants would be responsible and liable.


The annual event “Deltopia” takes place on the oceanside street at the start of UCSB’s spring quarter held on the first Saturday of April. Houses throw parties on balconies, decks, front yards, backyards, and on the block. UCSB students, City College students, and guests from out of town join this community event. Houses that throw parties on this day are exposed to overflowing parties with intoxicated people. April 7, tenants of a 6600 block house of Del Playa Drive received an email in regards to a future Deltopia party.

“We also want to remind you that the Sheriff’s Department will be monitoring the event to ensure that it does not become hazardous to our tenants or the surrounding community. If the event does become a hazard, the entire apartment complex will be subject to eviction on Monday morning,” said Playa Life IV. 

Living on Del Playa can come with fulfillment of hearing the waves crashing, watching the sunrises and sunsets, easy access to parties, and easy beach access but it can also negatively affect one’s living status such as loud partying, the fear of fatal events, the cost of living, and fear of eviction.

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