SBCC students explore variety of campus clubs during Club Day

Former student and astronomy enthusiast Bob Smith looks at the Santa Ynez mountains behind Santa Barbara through the telescope the Astronomy Club built on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at the Friendship Plaza on East Campus at City College in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Amy Riggs, Staff Writer

For many students, college is a solitary experience, but a group of campus leaders is trying to provide opportunities for students to connect with their campus community through shared interests and backgrounds.

“Some of the best friends I have met are from being in this club, we all get together and share the same intentions,” said Natalie Blackwelder, one of the leaders of the Sustainability Club.

About 20 clubs lined the walkway of Friendship Plaza Wednesday, as members attempted to connect with students through activities, treats and friendly conversation.

“It is a great way to network, recruit and meet a lot of different people in other clubs too,” said Madeline Englese, an organizer for the Wellness Club.

Many of the club organizers agreed that having an event like Club Day is great to recruit people, but it is still hard to reach the whole campus in the short window of one day. 

“I would want to do this event in two days, making it more accessible for all students,” Englese said. 

Staying on top of schoolwork while also finding time to meet people with similar interests can be difficult. However, many club members and leaders acknowledged that having a support group of like-minded peers could help students feel less isolated. 

“When people are passionate about what they want and they can pursue their interests, there is a way for expansion,” said Jeremy Steffen, another member of the Wellness Club. 

Having the support of a group can help students build a skill set, collaborate and provide the opportunity for long-lasting friendships.

“Being involved on campus helps to enhance your academic experience,” Blackwelder said. “Not only do we help the environment, but also create empowerment for students.” 

Although socializing can be hard, joining a club can help to break down barriers and make City College feel a little less lonely.